At the age of 28, Vanessa’s heart stopped and was saved with CPR. Diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome she now wears lifesaving technology and urges others to know their risks. Here is Vanessa’s story.

Vanessa Lloyd, 28, was home in Hartford alone with her 2-year-old daughter when she kept fainting. To be safe, she called her mother to drive her to the Emergency Department at UConn John Dempsey Hospital. But as their car pulled up to the ED’s entrance Vanessa passed out again right there. Her mother ran into the ED for help and [...]

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Sandi’s daughter Shelby was born with a congenital heart defect and required open heart surgery at just one week old to connect her heart and lung. Here is Shelby’s story, told by her mom.

My daughter is “Why I Go Red”. My daughter, who is now 13, was born with a heart defect.  It took the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center pediatric cardiology team a week to figure out what the issue was.  It was a very long week for sure.  I clearly remember walking into the NICU and seeing several members of the cardiology [...]

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Julie knew something was wrong and persisted over the years to get checked out. She was found to have a rare heart condition. Here is Julies Story.

I had always lived a very active lifestyle. I ran track all through high school and for a PAC-10 college, and lettered in basketball and volleyball. I was a very competitive skier and at 45 qualified to ski at Nationals, for my age division, at Steamboat Springs. I hiked, I biked, I ran, you name it .....l did it . [...]

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Alexa can tell you the steps for CPR, warning signs of heart attack and stroke

The voice-activated Amazon Echo device answers thousands of everyday requests, like setting a timer, playing music, ordering a pizza or changing a thermostat. Now, this device can help save someone’s life. Alexa, the friendly voice of the Amazon Echo, will for the first time give all three instructions for CPR, heart attack and stroke warning signs. The information is crucial because prompt [...]

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Ivory Ella, founded in 2015, donates 10% of their profits to Save the Elephants as well as other organizations, making the word a better place.  By selling t-shirts, necklaces and more, Ivory Ella seeks to inspire, guide and motivate with the ideals of an elephant: Empathy, Creativity, Strength and Loyalty. During the month of February, Ivory Ella will focus on [...]

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Nominate Someone You Know For the Go Red Gallery of Women Presented by Hoffman Audi of East Hartford & New London

If you want to nominate yourself or someone else to be part of the Go Red Gallery of Women, please read the following details, and then share your story below! The American Heart Association has partnered with Hoffman Audi of East Hartford and New London to bring awareness of heart disease in women by creating a Go Red Gallery of Women. Six [...]

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Cold Weather and Cardiovascular Disease

This winter season will bring cooler temperatures and ice and snow for some. For most people, shoveling snow may not lead to any health problems. It’s important to know how cold weather can affect your heart, especially if you have cardiovascular disease.  Some people who are outdoors in cold weather should avoid sudden exertion, like lifting a heavy shovel full of snow. [...]

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Family holiday traditions include trimming trees, lighting candles, and making traditional foods and sweets we know and love. But it is also a time when adults and children can overindulge. And today, with about one in three American kids and teens overweight or obese, it is more important than ever to make smart, heart healthy choices for the entire family. [...]

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The American Heart Association’s annual Hartford Heart Ball will take place on Saturday, November 19, at the Hartford Marriott Downtown. The gala is the American Heart Association’s premiere annual event focusing on stroke, the No. 5 killer in the United States and the    No. 1 cause of disability, according to the American Heart Association. The 2016 Heart Ball theme is [...]

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Poll Shows New Haven Residents Overwhelmingly Support Healthier Food and Beverage Options

A recent survey of over 400 New Haven residents shows that more than eight in ten respondents (83%) favor a local policy that would ensure healthier food and beverage options are available at workplaces and public places. Nine in ten (91%) of the respondents favor resources being dedicated to building or improving stores, or establishing farmer’s markets or mobile markets [...]

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