Meet Our Team

The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association are committed to fighting heart disease and stroke throughout Connecticut. Below is a listings of our key staff throughout the state.

Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Mike Anzalone Field Support 203-295-2944
Christina Asaro Hartford Heart Ball, Dir. 203-303-3340
Nikki Burnett Community Impact Director 781-373-4583
Mary Ann Burns N Central CT Comm. Dir. 413-335-9044
Kim Fazio Youth Market Director 860-404-0069
Marissa Greider Vice President Youth Market 203-303-3381
Todd Munn Connecticut Executive Director 203-303-3365
Lisa Neff Community Health Director 203-295-2954
Luis Rosa Dir., Business Operation/Dev. 203-295-2942
Wendy Schrlau Director Hartford Heart Walk 203-303-3317
Carolyn Torella Fairfld/Westchester Comm Dir. 845-867-5374
Jim Williams State Government Relations Dir. 860-549-4301
Alicia Young Field Support Coordinator 203-303-3326